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Government did not keep promises: protestors Morocco’s unemployed demand government ouster

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RABAT (Adel al-Zubairi)


A group of Morocco’s unemployed youths staged protests calling for the ouster of the government of Prime Minister Abbas al-Fasi for failing to keep its promises in offering job opportunities to university graduates.

Unemployed Moroccan youths staged a sit-in in Mohamed VI Street in the capital Rabat to protest the government’s inability to respond to their demands even after they submitted a list of the names of unemployed youths.

After holding a meeting with representatives of the unemployed and government officials, the government of Prime Minister Abbas al-Fasi had promised Thursday to offer job opportunities to disgruntled university graduates as of March 1 in return for stopping street protests in main streets of Rabat.

Employment promises did not pacify protestors, who expressed their mistrust of the government due to the absence of guarantees in the form of a written document that preserves their rights in getting jobs at the scheduled time.

Protestors tried to storm the royal palace in Rabat, but failed due to tight security. None of the protestors was hurt due to strict instructions not to use violence to stop the protests. Protestors stayed in front of the palace holding placards that express their complaints till 10:00 pm.

Representatives of the protesters said demonstrations and sit-ins will continue for the coming days until the government responds to their demands, which they have been voicing for at least two years.

The number of unemployed activists in Rabat has reached 2,000 and the last mass employment took place in June 2010.

Sources told Al Arabiya that the government is expected to announce the availability of 1,200 job vacancies.

(Translated from the Arabic by Sonia Farid)