One year of prosecution…..

In Non classé on septembre 16, 2010 at 5:46

While they conduct their protest  peacefully  and civilization order to obtain the right to work and to save the dignity of their members, the national leagues of unemployed graduates  had been subject to arrest 9 of their members in the evening of September 23, 2009, why? because didn’t have money to pay the train ticket for going to home. The subjects had been incarcerated for two successive nights in deplorable and inhumane conditions in an unhealthy place to live and devoid of minimum health requirements. Before their release, prisoners had appeared in front the Attorney General. At the end of this appearance, the court decided proceed on parole for false charges . Thus begins a series of suspicious and dubious trial. So far, four hearings trials have been held since November 12, 2009 without pronouncing the final verdict. The next hearing is postponed to September 23, 2010, and now the justice report it again to 25 November 2010……… until when???

However,  members of national league of unemployed graduates, we declare to the public as follows:

– We ask the concerned officials to intervene to stop this series of mock  and suspected trial that affecting members of the group, who lacks the strong legal evidence and objective justification.

– We firmly reject the tendency of the state to treat our case, consisting of the legitimate claims and constitutional work in the public service, according to a security approach..

– We call on authorities to act with justice to the accused innocent of all charges assigned to them.

– We insist on our right to direct and immediate inclusion within the public service as shown by two ministerial decrees (888/99 and 695/99) and on our right to a dignified life.


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