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In reference to the causes of unemployment graduantes and the phenomenon of protest in the streets of Rabat, Abderrahim al-Mannai said that there is a weakness in mechanisms to manage the file of Morocco unemployment graduates, including the failure to activate the two Ministerial decisions and allocating of 10% of finance positions for each year of the unemployed graduates stationed in the streets of Rabat . He confirmed too that the private sector does not respond of the aspirations of the elite of young people with regard to stability and ensure a decent living and for the fragility of the structural experienced by this sector and the almost complete absence of monitoring the competent authorities in the application of labor law and respect the rights of working people (ruler of wages, working hours, Rulers retirement, union rights …).
And in an interview with the volume of this unemployment and their relationship to the settlement proposed by the government, Al mannai said that more than 1000 high in the various disciplines and in possession of graduate degrees and postgraduate, specialized Masters and engineers are still struggling in the streets of Rabat, in disaster conditions that lack the main necessities of life which guarantees human dignity.
He also noted that this number has a eliminated of his right to work this years, and they current struggles in the regulatory on the peaceful protest in order to extract the right constitutionally guaranteed civil service and in accordance with the ministerial decisions 695/99 and 888/99, this form of exclusion Supreme has a big shock after the promises that the responsible made for themselves in the 7 April with representatives of the groups stationed in Rabat, dragged into a spiral dangerous illusion about the promises made to mention the suffering, both on a psychological level, the physical as well as the physical impact of exposure for all types of bullying physical and psychological by the security forces that intervene to stop The peaceful protests based on the throats, and only permitted the delivery of fair and legitimate demands. Delay the settlement compared with previous years is the desire to devote real politics.

He added that 1265 is the final number that incorporated in the current solution is very little compared with the large number of posts of Finance (24000) included in the finance budget for 2010 and also because of the urgent need for office for the emergency program as well as various other ministerial sectors.
And said that the report of the recent Arab on Employment and Unemployment in the Arab countries classed Morocco first by more than 26% in the proportion of unemployment graduates and this fact confirms the serious implications for improvisational in handling file of unemployment of graduates in Morocco.

Almniei at last asked to stop the cycle of violence and suppression of peaceful demonstrations against the graduates that seeks to work in their homeland and contribute to the economic development of this country. And concluded that he sees the need to make an urgent national strategy depends on the speed and effectiveness in the management of the file of unemployed graduantes, which is purely social.


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