The charter organizer national group of unemployed seniors managers present Rabat

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As an organizational necessity and a strategic choice, coördination intergroups discount defending the principles of transparency, clarity and honesty about the moral issue of treating executives to unemployment. The latter, following their conviction of the importance of the idea of coördination in terms of dialogue and communication on the various fields, and views of forms of struggle granted, have sufficiently discussed the idea. The discussion took place primarily between members of each group and then between the different groups, each represented by its Secretary General and his deputy. At the end of this round of debate, the coördination office, consisting of the secretaries and their deputies, at its meeting of June 30 to July 1, 2010 reached agreement on the charter of honor whose terms are as follows:

1 – the national group of unemployed executives will be headed by a coördination office established by the Secretary General and his deputy for each group. The office in question is appointed secretariat of the national group.

2 – The obligation to respect of that charter by all constituencies of the national group of senior unemployed

3 – Keep doors open to new groups to join the coördination provided you follow the terms of the charter and to get the agreement of the Coordination Office

4 – Respect for the historical legitimacy of each group, the commitment to a rapid solution to the problem of unemployment and senior members of the national group, the groups fighting against ghosts, and all forms of selfishness and opportunism and, to cope with all practices and maneuvers suspicious

5 – The groups are committed to give the last lists of their members in coördination office,

6 – Appointment of Committees consolidated, especially the Dialogue Committee, a committee of media and the finance committee … Their function is to oversee the tasks in the group’s organization and operation. This step will be a phased manner,

7 – The percentage of attendance agreed between the groups must be respected,

8 – The defense claims the same folder and unification of the forms of struggle by the general circumstances,

9 – To hold a general meeting of communication between all groups at the end of each month. Other special meetings may be held,

10 – Unification of the holding is something mandatory. It must be done gradually,

11 – The obligation to respect the rules of ethics and the moral force among all the frames,

12 – These principles are rules of supervision required for all groups who signed the charter, and any violation of any of these principles leads to the coördination office to take action appropriate sanctions,

13 – To give force to this policy, it is essential to involve all stakeholders in the issue (national body to support the struggles and demands of the senior unemployed, the press, political organizations, unions, associations human rights and those of civil society alliance of lawyers, …) and the fact that by holding a press conference whose purpose is to bring the charter in question to the public

This charter will be devoted, in a way transparent to the organization and unification of the national group of senior unemployed. It is also intended to defend the rights of the group before all political bodies, trade unions, human rights or press …

On behalf of the senior unemployment and its coördination office, we emphasize that the charter has been the subject of unanimous agreement among all groups July 1, 2010.

We sincerely hope that our goal is achieved, and which consists of direct and immediate inclusion of all members of the national group within the civil service.


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