The idea of coordinating inter-groupal deserves attention

In My Articles on août 25, 2010 at 1:18

About 1,200 unemployed senior manager in all over Rabat street to protest against a government that does not yet show real political necessary to bring human resource and wealth of the country for its development instead to compel the unemployed first and leave the second concentrate in the hands of a selfish minority whose sole aim is the squandering of public money away from any punishment.

the senior unemployed determination’s get their right to a dignified employment in the public service is unbending. To this end, their awareness about establishement a sort of inter-confederation groups is sufficiently developed and thought. The idea of such an initiative was the goal preferred by almost all senior managers, but its realization now is serious and unavoidable in the light of the lack of transparency have affected the processing of the file unemployed senior, through which the government has preferred to recruit senior groups ghosts and exclude inclusion in the public service groups, however, permanently on the streets of Rabat. In this regard, all the demonstrators believe the idea of effective coördination between groups and wish to become a single entity representing all the senior unemployment nationally. This is necessary to make the strongest protest movement of senior unemployed, and thus more apt to tip the power balance in favor of unemployed senior managers.


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