the 2nd Arab report’s

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In the Arab world, countries where the problem of jobless among graduates of higher education (universities and schools) has increased in order of importance:
– Morocco with 26.8%
– Algeria with 19.3%
– Jordan with 17.7%

In Egypt, the report noted that the majority of those affected by unemployment belong to an age of 15-29 years.
From the figures cited above, the report recognized that policies and programs relating to education in Arabs country are far from being able to meet the needs of the labor market.
That report also highlighted the importance of the percentage of non-agricultural workers in the informal sector. It is of the order of:
– 63% in Morocco,
– 40% in Egypt,
– <35% in Algeria and Tunisia,

about the informal sector, the report noted that instability in employment is far from being achieved and that workers are rarely covered socially failing social insurance system performance.
the report has also noted an increase in the rate of unemployment in several Arab countries. It has been over 11% in Tunisia, Algeria, Series, Palestine, Egypt, Morocco and Yemen.

in Other hand, when Arab Employment Forum, held in Beirut in 2009, a study presented at the forum said that the impact of the global economic crisis will have different impacts on Arab countries. In this sense, those who are heavily exposed to high social shocks are probably the countries whose economy depends mainly on the export of certain products of handicrafts, textiles in particular, to the U.S. Of these countries, Morocco and Tunisia are figured if the wave of the current economic continued decreasing in the area of the Euro.

In the same study, it was reported that 64% of the total population activity is concentrated in five countries: Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, Algeria and Iraq.

Regarding rural poverty, it is divided between Arab countries unequally. The report ranked the 12 Arab countries into three categories depending on the density of rural poverty (rural poverty compared to the total poverty):

First class whose density is less than 33.3%: Jordan, Tunisia, Lebanon and Djibouti,

The second category whose density varies between 33.3% and 66.6%, including Egypt, Morocco and Algeria.

  1. hello,
    you have to continue your demonstrations, and y have the full right to work, don t worry y ll work just be patients,

    • thanks brother, of course we will continue to protest until have a our right to work as the longtime, the arrestations, the broken legs, arms by auxillary forces never will stop us.

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